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Over the years, Excelsior Hotel has started hosting smaller and smaller guests: Thanks to our dedicated clientele, there are so many children we see born and grow each year. Our baby sitting service and entertainment allows parents to relax during different times of the day. Children make new friends and have fun with a variety of different games. Kids enjoy a unique, pleasant, delightful, spontaneous holiday that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.
Thanks to the professionalism, sympathy and charisma of our kids entertainer Giorgia, children will have the opportunity to make friends more easily, and the day goes by fast with so many games to play in the ocean and at the pool. They eat together and then have a mid-afternoon snack!
It fills our hearts with joy when we see relationships develop between children, but also parents: sometimes families become friends with each other and start going on holiday together the following year. They become part of our family. Homes are always happier each time they come and visit us !!

For our younger guests

Inside the hotel, children can have fun in our game room featuring blackboards, crayons, paper, fairy tales, videos and cartoons. Outside there are playgrounds with castles, slides and swings. Kids play in safety and under supervision. For mothers, a kitchenette is available 24 hours a day, where they can prepare their own children's drinks.

Our special offers

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