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Our swimming pool awaits you for a vacation filled with relaxation. We provide all our guests with sun loungers and umbrellas. Convenient and direct access right from the hotel lobby.

Local dishes

Our hotel likes to take its guests to the edge, offering rich, tasty, and varied local dishes. Our strengths, as far as cuisine is concerned, include the choice of products and the preparation of genuine and tasty food.
We take care in choosing the right products and preparing dishes. These are crucial for us in meeting the needs of our customers.

The salt electrolysis system

Salt water swimming pools use a newly invented system for the disinfection and treatment of pool water. This process leads to saturation of about 3 grams per liter of water. By means of osmosis, this then transforms the salt into chlorine. The operation is very simple: an electronic system that performs an osmosis procedure involving salt, sodium chloride, and sodium hypochlorite. The quantity depends on the needs of the pool undergoing the treatment.

Our special offers

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