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A rich and assorted sweet and savory breakfast buffet is served each morning on our cozy seafront terrace. Meals can be enjoyed in the hotel's restaurant, which is air-conditioned and has a beautiful beach-view. We offer our customers a diverse menu with a wide choice of authentic local seafood dishes, accompanied by a rich selection of appetizers and side dishes.

Rich buffet

Our buffet is a joy to behold with its abundance of colors and flavors. Every morning, our extensive buffet offers sweet and savory specialties.

Local dishes

At our hotel, we like to take our guests right to the edge with a rich, tasty, local variety of dishes. The kitchen is particularly attentive to the choice of products and the preparation of genuine and tasty food.
For us, taking care in choosing products and preparing dishes is crucial to meeting the needs of our customers.

Our SPECIAL offers

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